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Continuous Oven

Main Features

  • CATEGORY Continuous oven
  • TYPOLOGY Electric
  • Config. Tunnel
  • T. max 150 °C (302 °F)
  • T. MIN 0 °C (32 °F)
  • ATMOSPHERE Air circulation
  • Use Automotive

Custom-made oven specific for the automotive sector.

It allows you to carry out the heat treatment of small electric motors, first bringing them to a temperature of 120° and then carrying out complete cooling.

The movement of the pallets with the components inside the oven is completely automated, while the loading and unloading of the products takes place manually. (For completely automatic management, including loading and unloading, you can refer to the “AUTOMOTIVE-T.E.V.E.-R2” model)

The oven is made with independent return and delivery, the delivery is designed to heat the pieces, while the return cools them before removal by the operator.

Main applications: recirculation pumps, windshield wiper motors, solenoid valves, alternators, etc.

Given the "tailor-made" nature of the product, we are happy to understand your specific needs and make you a personalized proposal.

This type of oven is widely used by several of the major car manufacturers.